It’s our time

The climate is changing fast. An election is coming.

This is an open challenge to the creative industries to mobilise the 2 million people aged 18-30 who care about climate, will be most affected by it and are not registered to vote.

It’s our time to use our creativity and influence for change.

I am a/an _________. How can I help?


Can you create highly shareable images/GIFs for 18-30s? More.

Can you help us create inspiring billboards? More.


Give the campaign some emoji love. More.


Ways to support the campaign as an employer of young people aged 18-30 years.

[Coming soon]


Help us to visualise the data and create tools. More.


Can you create highly shareable video for 18-30s? More.

Working with artists or celebrities this week? More.

The registration deadline is 26 November

If young people who care about climate aren’t registered, their voices won’t be heard. Politicians need to know that people are registering to vote because of climate change.

We are the ones who could make all the difference. This is an invitation use your creativity to respond to this challenge. This is an open campaign. There is no sign off. No client. We invite you to create and share work with the #ItsOurTime #MakeClimateCount hashtags and key registration information. All details are in the Open Challenge Pack.

All over the world this year, millions of school-children have been taking a stand for the climate. Now it’s our time to take a stand for future generations. 

We are advertising agencies, media platforms, technologists and businesses. We are artists and writers, musicians and film-makers, actors and influencers. We are thinkers, designers and creators.

Be part of the biggest climate/youth election turnout of all time.

#ItsOurTime is a politically neutral voter registration campaign.

We want a creative explosion around #ItsOurTime to drive voter registration

Download our pack for everything you need to be part of the open campaign.

Need some inspiration? Take a look at content created so far for #ItsOurTime…





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